Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Aiming to give shoppers what they want

FIONA CLOHERTY, of FCK Recruitment, shares her hopes and aspirations for the Boosting Barrow and Furness group. Fiona is a retail sector champion with the group

“EARLIER this year, FCK: Your Retail Therapy conducted independent research into what customers really want from the Barrow shopping experience.

“We found a common theme amongst shoppers: ‘I can’t find anything I really want around here,’ and ‘Why should I support my local store; what do they do for me?’

“It’s clear that the average Barrow shopper not only expects great customer service from their local retailer, they also want to be inspired to cross the road to visit a particular store.

“In order to compete with the high street chains, our town’s shop windows need to come alive with eye-catching displays and show potential customers what they would be missing by walking past.

“Once inside, stunning visual merchandising and attentive customer focus are the key to achieving the sale.

“We at FCK: Your Retail Therapy have the expertise, skills and experience to assist local traders in achieving that vision: of attracting new customers, and attending to their retail therapy needs.

“I want to achieve a common interest in visual merchandising, appreciate that we absolutely must continually re-invent our windows take pride in our shops and deliver excellent customer service.

“Retailers and teams will be motivated and excited by being able to independently create exciting displays, appreciate the stock they carry and show it to the world.

“It’s not just about the retailers though, it’s also about our local shoppers and the visitors (what impression do we create?).

“Once people are in Barrow all of these mis-conceptions are completely forgotten.

“Barrow people are one of the most sociable, hospitable people in the country – they want to stay and shop locally.

“We have to stop promoting our town centre as if it is closing down – hand written posters in windows is my no no.

“Only so many flowers can brighten the place up – I think the retailers have made a huge effort in the last couple of months. We need to continue supporting them either directly or indirectly.

“A step forward in the town would be for people to appreciate others’ strengths and work together on a positive common goal.

“Boosting Barrow and Furness group has a wealth of different experience and knowledge to be used.

“I am prepared to give an amount of time free to ‘MoT’ shops.

“We are looking for two more independent retailers to take part in our current project to launch Christmas.

“As a group with commitment and energy I would hope that this group continues to be one of the most pro-active and positive teams to take Furness forward.”



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