Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cricket rules made simple

AMY Clarke, from Furness Academy says: “The rules of cricket can be confusing if you’re a newcomer or simply if there isn’t a tradition in your country. Here is a simple explanation of the rules.

EM Amy Clarke/S58493B.jpg

“Cricket is played between two teams of up to 11 players each team. Each team bats (takes innings in turn the choice for innings being decided by tossing a coin. The centre of the action is a pitch 11 yards long with wickets (three cricket stumps) placed at each end though a scorer pitch can be used for children. The pitch is roughly in the centre of the playing area the edge of which is marked by a line or a rope about 50 yards from the wickets. Two batsmen play in partnership to score runs against the bowling of the fielding side. The bowlers aim to restrict scoring and to dismiss the batsmen in one of the ways described in the rules of cricket. The fielding captain decides which of his players will bowl. Each bowler bowls ‘over’ of six over arm deliveries from one end of the pitch then the play switches so the one over is bowled.”


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